Volume 9, Issue 1, 2021

Trustworthiness of Hosts in Accommodation Sharing: The Effect of Facial Traits and Expressions
Aydın Erden, Yonca Aslanbay, Beril Durmuş, Murat Çinko
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The Effect of Market-Oriented and Brand-Oriented Service Improvement on Hotel Performance
Serhat Adem Sop
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The Mediating Role of Real-Time Information Between Location-Based User-Generated Content and Tourist Gift Purchase Intention
Mustafa Khan, Haseeb Khan, Maya Vachkova, Arsalan Ghouri
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Exploring Experiential Quality in Sport Tourism Events: The Case of Macau Grand Prix
Shan Wang, Yi Li, Jose Weng Chou Wong
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Community-Based Tourism in Protected Areas: Elaborating A Model from A South African Perspective
Andrea Giampiccoli, David Glassom
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How Delightful Is Indian Wellness Tourism? A Netnographic Study
Dibya Mishra, Rajeev Panda
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Bibliometric Analysis of Slow Tourism
Bartola Mavric, Mert Öğretmenoğlu, Orhan Akova
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Topic Prominence of Tourism and Hospitality Scientific Research: The Case of Switzerland
Lucília Cardoso, Mohammad Soliman, Noelia Araújo-Vila, Giovana Goretti Feijó De Almeida
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Artificial Intelligence in Tourism: A Review and Bibliometrics Research
İsmail Gökay Kırtıl, Volkan Aşkun
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A Big-Data Analysis of Public Perceptions of Service Robots Amid Covid-19
Yaozhi Zhang
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